Cogito Ergo Mortuus

(My apologies if my rusty Latin is incorrect. I’m sure someone will correct me if it is.)

A pastor put a sign in front of his church in Denver

“Jews killed the Lord Jesus” The pastor claimed it wasn’t hateful, to quote him, “It would be hateful if it pointed at anybody alive today.”

Reminded me of reading Longfellow’s poem in High School: The Jewish Cemetery at Newport

1. How strange it seems! These Hebrews in their graves,
25. Gone are the living, but the dead remain,

and the poem ends:
57. But ah! what once has been shall be no more!
58. The groaning earth in travail and in pain
59. Brings forth its races, but does not restore,
60. And the dead nations never rise again.

To quote Samuel Clemens, aka Mark Twain: The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated!

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