What she said

fellow local blogger, Angelweave writes about falling behind in the books she intended to review in her blog. (Not in the books she has read.)

I haven’t read as much as she has, however, I mentioned in January there were several I had read recently I was going to review. And of course, you haven’t seen any of those reviews yet.

She also speaks about authors emailing you when they discover your reviews. My only similar story is in high school I wrote my favorite author, and he wrote back. In high school, my favorite author wasn’t Victor Hugo, it was Joseph Heller. And at the time, Heller was alive. So receiving a letter from him wasn’t spooky. [Read the postcard he sent me.]

I will write those reviews. At the top of the list:

Three books of poetry: 2 of Victor Hugo, 1 of Yehuda Amichai
Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons
and maybe Judith O’Brien’s Mary Jane (Yes, I’ve read it. Research. I’m writing a young adult novel.)

I still haven’t read Jimmy Carter’s novel. But once I’ve finished it, I will review it.

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