Time to get out the bullet proof vests

Missouri Supreme Court has declared the Concealed Gun law constitutional.

(In part…they do say that in four counties it violates the Hancock Ammendment, since it doesn’t fund the gun permits, and all legislation must provide for funding.

So in those four counties gun permits won’t be allowed to be distributed until such funding is provided. They continue to argue since the statistics of how much it would cost were only provided for those counties, it doesn’t violate the Hancock Ammendment in those counties statistics weren’t provided for. As if somehow permits will be free of charge, there.)

But even in those four counties, people can conceal their guns purchased with non-concealed gun permits in their glove compartment.

It doesn’t really say when it goes into effect, but since the injunction against the law was removed, I suspect the law goes into effect immediately, unless a new injunction is somehow placed against it.


Interestingly, with the Hancock Ammendment not being applied state-wide, they have opened up the possibility that this will become, and remain localized.

Those counties where the people are against the idea…these counties will open a new case against the law, and argue the Hancock Ammendment. It will be a fairly straight forward process. Since the State Supreme Court granted the arguments of the four counties that already have done so, there’s no reason to suspect other counties won’t get a parallel response. But those counties where the people like the law, don’t have to pursue the course.

Naturally, if the legislature updates the law to actually provide enough funding, then this way out is closed.

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