A national trend – beginning in *Belleville???*

Might Belleville, IL actually become known as a trendsetter?


A restaurant there, Eckert’s Country Restaurant, “recently started offering children’s DVDs and portable players for use while families dine.” In only one week demand has forced them to increase supply. Any parent with kids knows how hard it is to get a restless youngster to behave while at a restaurant. The restaurant is calling it a “Sports bar for kids.”

National Industry experts can’t come up with another restaurant that’s tried this yet. But it’s such a natural idea (at least it seems so to me) that I can’t imagine others won’t hear about this and say “let’s do it too!”.

As the article notes – Eckert’s realizes this is a risky proposition — kids are known to break stuff. They’re probably hoping that the profits from the increased business will outweigh the costs. I suspect there are already, or soon will be, sturdy ‘kid proof’ dvd players on the market.

0 thoughts on “A national trend – beginning in *Belleville???*

  1. Aubrey

    I said I wouldn’t rant about this, but…

    What the heck is wrong with a family paying attention to each other and actually talking togther while out at dinner? Ask your 2-year-old what she did in daycare, don’t just let her veg out in front of the TV. Did you see the look on that kid’s face in the photo? TV is kiddie crack, I tell you!

  2. Christy

    Personally, I think it’s an evil republican plot and subliminal messages are planted in all kiddy DVDs (no one can convince me that even “Baby Einstein” is benign).

    BTW: I’m Bellevillian Royalty, so that’s twice you have offended me this week 😉

  3. John

    It’s along the same lines as handing a kid a paper placemat and crayons to draw with — and many places already do this.

    Whether the DVD is educational or not depends upon the choice of the parent.

    The comparison the restaurant makes is also a good one. “Sports bar for kids”. If adults can go to a restaurant and watch sports on TV, why can’t kids watch what they like?

    No family is being forced to make their kid watch the DVD…it’s being presented as an option.

  4. John

    Oh, and Christy…it is illegal in the US to maintain a title. Therefore you can’t be royalty. I’ve only offended you once. And if you take offense at Belleville being labelled a backwater, hick town, well I’m sorry you’re offended by the truth. 😉