Can he see, or is he blind?

My cousin is appearing in the upcoming movie Iron Man. Released this coming weekend, I will be attending a sneak preview tonight courtesy of a co-worker who was unable to use a ticket he received.

My cousin, apparently, will be Press Reporter #4. At the current moment, I know nothing more than that.

This gives him a Stan Lee Number of 1, since Stan Lee is of course making his usual cameo in Marvel Universe movies.

He already had a Kevin Bacon Number of 1 (if you count television appearances, since he apepared on the same episode of Will and Grace as KB…the final episode)

Now the time is here
for Iron Man to spread fear
Vengeance from the grave
Kills the people he once saved

[Movie Trivia Note: Gwyneth Paltrow is the godsister of Drew Barrymore. I’m not sure that term is used very often, but they apparently share the same godfather – Steven Spielberg]

0 thoughts on “Can he see, or is he blind?

  1. Blair

    On the one hand, I’m looking forward to seeing the movie. On the other hand, I can’t shake the feeling that it’s going to be just another unremarkable origins story.

    To be fair though, the Spiderman origins film was quite good. But even the good Spidey stories have been retelling the origins of all the villians.

    Counter that with my viewing last night of The Christmas Invasion and I find myself wondering what I’m expecting from the film.


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