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  1. DL Emerick

    Make Anguish the Official Language?

    Right-wing nut cases abound in America. Most of them could not pass simple English tests. Most of them could not pass simple Math tests. Or, indeed, most of them could not pass any kind of test that required them to demonstrate some mastery of any elementary subject matter, including Humanity, Decency and Civility. They say they despise intellectuals because they are elitists. Sigh. They’d rather the government be run by idiots and fools? Some “elites” do make sense, when the elite is founded largely upon some personal measures of merit and ability — intellectuals are one of those elites, by and large.

    They are the kind of voter that an HR Clinton attracts, especially when she says crazy things like she did on Stephanopoulos Sunday — declaring that she didn’t care what all the economic experts had to say about her idiotic proposal, ala McCain, to suspend federal gas taxes for the summer. Such a proposal would, as a first order effect, “save” the typical man about $30 for the summer. In short, Clinton hypes the short-term first order effect. Economists say the loss of revenue would result in two important second order effects — in a false sense of cheaper gas (as if at a bargain without a fed gas tax), consumers would drive more (in a false consciousness, thinking to “capture” more of this bargain priced gas for their own “savings”) and supply would thus shrink even faster, thus causing shortages that would permit the oil companies to hike prices even further. The laws of supply-and-demand are almost inexorable in short run cases like this. Third order effects follow — such as road maintenance budgets being cut, leading to a greater number of costly car repair bills and traffic delays (also wasting more gas). But, Clinton doesn’t care — she panders to the appetites of the ignorant and the foolish, gleefully deceiving them that something can be had for nothing.

    Clinton does say she’d “pay” for her tax cut by a windfall tax on oil — but, this is just misleading language because the present Congress will not pass such a tax and Bush would veto it, anyway — so there would be no payment, at all. McCain is equally deceptive, in alleging that he’d “pay” for his gas tax cut by eliminating the Snarks ever alleged to be hidden in the budget, those cases of fraud, waste and abuse, such as “pork” is alleged to be.

    Well, for now, at least, neither Clinton nor McCain (nor Obama) have gone the route of total lunacy, of attacking “illegal immigration” — and all three of them more or less support some version of free trade. Of the three, McCain is the most dangerous, because of his need to hold onto the right wing nut cases that constitute the principal political component of the Republican party, while not actually being (or becoming) one of them, himself. Still, he has gone an impressive distance, towards showing himself to be, in principal, a lunatic — denouncing his own positions against the vast Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, that expended (robbed) far more US Treasury revenues than the “increased” economic activity, from the cuts, yielded, as offsetting gains.

    Yes, Anguish should be recognized as our language — as such is the politics in America.

    There is hope, the sheer audacity of it, to think that an Obama can still have a serious chance at winning both a major party nomination and a general election. In that case, you can cancel my support for the Anguish language.

  2. Databob

    Photoshopped? Snopes doesn’t list it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not faked. I just find it a bit improbable that the mis-spelled word is actually underlined. Twice.

    Or maybe they’re just twice as stupid as I first thought when looking at their sign…

  3. John

    I’d say from an amateur handwriting analysis every line of the sign appears to be written by the same person, but isn’t a set computer font. However, with a white background, it would be very easy to change it to anything you wanted and it would be difficult to detect, I think.

  4. DL Emerick

    “[Limbaugh] added:
    “He can get effete snobs,
    he can get wealthy academics,
    he can get the young,
    and he can get the black vote,
    but Democrats do not win with that.””
    from Chaos Classic

    Yes, it’s true. The GoP plans to run an anti-intellectual campaign —
    If you’re dumb and stupid and proud of it, vote GOP!!!


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