Watch This

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I purchased something recently that arrived in the mail over the weekend, and that I promised to blog about it.

I bought a wristwatch. I haven’t worn a wristwatch for about a decade. I’ve used pocket watches and cell phones, but I stopped wearing a wristwatch because it was so accessible I was looking at my wrist more often than necessary. (Like 10 seconds after I last did so.) One doesn’t want their friends or colleagues to know how bored they are.

So why did I risk buying a wristwatch?

Well…it’s not just a wristwatch.


It has a USB port. And 4gb of storage space. The idea of carrying 4 gb of backup on my wrist is appealing. If I find my old annoying habit returns, I can wear it in my pocket.

0 thoughts on “Watch This

  1. Databob

    Oooohhh. Spiffy tech!

    But the question becomes if you don’t really like/think you need a wristwatch, why not just get a 4,8,16 gig memory stick as a key fob?

    Was the decision because it’s all James Bond?

  2. John

    The “Dick Tracy/James Bond Effect” probably played a role.
    And I can wear a watch at times I don’t carry keys (like on vacation)

  3. John

    To answer the obvious return question – if I didn’t attach the USB stick to my keys, I would run the risk of throwing my pants in the washing machine with the USB stick still in them – probably not good. I don’t think I’ve ever left my keys in my pocket. (Though I did leave my keys in my front door about a month ago. Had a lot of difficulty finding them in the morning.)

  4. Blair

    But if you find yourself reverting to the old habit of constantly checking the time and then put the watch in your pocket, isn’t that the same effect as putting a USB key fob in the wash? And plus, you’ll end up constantly checking the time while you’re on vacation!

  5. Kathy

    Since I use my cell phone as my watch, I guess I need to attach my USB drive to it, but fortunately I always carry my bag of destruction (purse), so I can just keep it in there.
    Of course, I almost always have my keys with me so a key FOB would probably work too.