For results, Google is still supreme in my mind, but SearchMe, which is in Beta, certainly provides a unique new twist to search engine results.

I’m not going to attempt to describe it. You have to see it.

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  1. Referencegirl

    Wow, very cool. I have seen visual searches before but none in quite this format, with the stacking concept, or my search words circled. I can see right away if a hit has a picture I’m looking for or covers the topic in the way I want before actually opening it – something that cannot be achieved in google. While a search may not produce as many results, the results seem to be more relevant. I imagine this is because it hasn’t been around long enough for the crawlers to find too much. Even so, this seems like a stepping stone to the semantic web.

  2. Kathy

    This is kinda neat. It is definitely more colorful than google and I agree that it is easier to tell what the webpage is really about .


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