Modern Pocket Protector

Over food tonight a group of writers were discussing what the modern version of the pocket protector might be. (One suggested a 4gb USB memory watch might qualify. I argued since it masqueraded as a normal watch, it really didn’t meet the comparison.)

This might fit the definition, though.

While not wearable, this is certainly a useful product every office should have. Seriously.

This, on the other hand, isn’t terribly useful. It’s modeled after the most useless eating implement ever invented. But still…titanium!

ThinkGeek is a dangerous website. A very dangerous website.

0 thoughts on “Modern Pocket Protector

  1. Databob

    I had to think about it for a while… There isn’t an exact equivalent to the engineer’s pocket protector right now. Tech has become far more common, and therefore the display of tech is acceptable. It even used to be considered geek to wear your cell phone in a holder clipped to your pocket, but now everybody is doing it. And the iphone is one of the most prominent displays of technology (supposedly something geeky) and celebs are showing theirs off…

    I say you just gotta bring out your A game. You gotta be dragging around an Apple Newton, riding a Segway, carrying a fully modded Eee PC running your own distro of Linux that the community named after you, your cellphone has to be hacked to the ‘nines, or you have prominently displayed a Lojban-English dictionary.

    If I had gotten more than 3 hours of actual sleep last night, I’d probably come up with more…