Pet Peeve #284

“When she went back on her word, I was literally beside myself with anger,” Becky said.
“So, like David Banner turns into The Hulk when he gets angry, when you get angry you clone yourself into dupes?” Tom asked.
“You said you were literally beside yourself.”
“It’s a metaphor.”
“No. ‘Beside yourself,’ is the metaphor. You added ‘literally’ to it, which means, you’re no longer using it as a metaphor.”
“It can also be used for emphasis.”
“If ‘literally’ is used to emphasize the non-literal, how will we know when ‘literally’ literally means ‘literally?”
“I’m confused.”

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  1. DL Emerick

    The Litter-Ally, friend of the littered alley,
    found his day at the beach refreshing,
    for the litoral reminded him of the literal truth,
    found in lost love letters,
    once written in the sands and now erased in the tides,
    the debris of garbage mountains dumped at sea:
    How tres charmant and homelike this place is,
    where broken glass, cans and plastics lie,
    where foul smells rise!