Windows 3.11 will soon cease to exist

This may sound like old news. Really old news.

I remember when I first started working in the IT department of AG Edwards and Sons back in 1998 and was shocked to learn they were still using 3.11. That was 10 years ago. I no longer work there. AG Edwards no longer exists. (They’re now Wachovia, though all the advertising placards say “AG Edwards is now *with* Wachovia” as if to suggest AG Edwards still exists as a partner.)

But while 3.11 hasn’t been available for years in Retail, non-Retail Original Equipment Manufacters (OEMs) apparently could still embed it.

Windows for Workgroups 3.11 will no longer be licensed to any OEMs as of November 1st.

0 thoughts on “Windows 3.11 will soon cease to exist

  1. DL Emerick

    Too bad they didn’t schedule the 3.11 death on 3.11 — then Bush could have gotten us all aroused, endlessly referring to the 3.11 tragedy…

    but, wait, we don’t have to tell Bush that 3.11 expires in November…. not if we are the svengali replacing Rove… we can tell him 3.11 is expiring on 3.11… he can go to the United Nations, pleading an international emergency and bomb Iran as the responsible party…