I will admit.

I will admit I couldn’t have told you that Czechoslovakia was now two countries, Slovakia and The Czech Republic.

However, in January of 1993, when the split happened, I wasn’t beginning my second term as US Senator. And I haven’t been in the US Senate since then, either. I’m not running for President. I really don’t need to know these things.

Hopefully McCain knows that Europe’s most populous city isn’t Constantinople.

0 thoughts on “I will admit.

  1. Adolfus Rasmussen

    Of course Slovakia and The Czech Republic are two separate nations – a bunch of feuding lunatics, they are, but definitely separate nations! I’m afraid I must call for Mr. McCain to return to some rudimentary geography lessons!

  2. DL Emerick

    Indeed, McCain should know that the constant-in-opel is a general motor’s motto and not a republican’s mendi-cant-ations negating liberty, equality, fraternity…

    The motor motto Mr. Moto mouthed mothballed Mother Mary’s mountaintop maisonette mourning McCain’s manipulations.