Above is Schrödinger. He is a five year old cat who was in need of a temporary home for a couple weeks. I grew up with dogs, and cats are definitely different creatures. For example, dogs don’t try to help you compose blog posts. But Schrödinger is friendly.

Schrödinger is the name that was given to him by his primary human companion, though if I were ever to name a cat, Schrödinger would likely be on my list of potential names as well. If you don’t understand why, Wikipedia should help.

0 thoughts on “Schrödinger

  1. Kathy

    He looks comfortable. Hope it works out for now. I’m sure his primary human companion misses him but I believe he is in good hands.

  2. ben

    As a cat person (whom cannot have cats due to offspring allergies) I can certify that that is indeed a happy cat.

  3. DL Emerick

    A cat is a cat.

    A dog is a dog.

    Other than these great truths, I know nothing. (You don’t have to say “Amen.)