Florida 2004

The more things change…

Florida has cleaned up their election system. They’ve done it so well, that in their primary two weeks ago, Gephardt won a county! Gephardt, who dropped out of the race months ago, and got 1% of the vote everywhere else, got over 60% in Bay County.

Luckily, it was an Optical Scanner system, so there were paper ballots to recount. And recount they did, and unsurprisingly, there had been a *small* error.

But many counties in Florida have Diebold Electronic Voting Systems. With absolutely no paper trail.

In a January election, with only one race on the ballot, and electronic voting, there was a 12 point margin of victory, and 130 blank ballots. (Why would 130 people show up to vote, and not vote? Remember, there was only one race on the ballot.) The loser wanted a recount. There was nothing to recount.

There are a few bills in Congress to require verification methods. Hopefully something can be done by November.