Does anyone reading this know where in St. Louis I could go to buy a specific Topps baseball card? I’m not looking for a pack, becase I suspect I would have to buy a lot of packs before I got the one card I’m looking for. I can get the card on Ebay, but I would rather avoid shipping and handling fees if I can patronize a local dealer.

Topps recently released a Victor Hugo card. (There’s also a Harriet Beecher Stowe card, which would be fun to have too.). I love the concept of putting these cards in packs of baseball cards for kids to find, and whoever at Topps who is responsible for it, should be congratulated.

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  1. Librocrat

    Ebay, my friend. Here. As an FYI, the bigger ones without the borders are the least expensive if all you want to do is own it. The smaller ones are slightly rarer but may still be next to nothing. Any that have numbers are more expensive, with 1/1 being the rarest possible. Good luck.

  2. John

    Yeah, I’d done a little Google research on those 1/1 magenta printing plates last night. They are an interesting concept, but I’m more interested in the actual card. I’m more of an obsessive fan than I am a collector.

    The Ebay sellers I’d seen last night were all asking a little more S&H than I thought reasonable, as I’ve shipped my chapbooks (significantly larger and thicker than a baseball card) for half the price. I understand and appreciate the capitalist spirit, and its certainly not more than I can afford, but it was enough to consider patronizing a local dealer. But I found a decent one this morning, and they are in the same state as me, so I feel good on both levels.

  3. Blair

    In St. Louis? ‘Fraid not. Just not my locale.

    Online however, you might want to give Wandring Rebel. She’s pretty good at finding unusual items (I have a copy of Radioactive Man #1 she scrounged for me), and although you’ll end up paying shipping and such, staying local you’d probably end up paying for a gallon or two of gas to go from one store to the next.

  4. DL Emerick

    How about their fantastic ZOMBIE Cards….


    Of course, Tom Hanks is no Victor Hugo because he never met a Victor Hugo that he didn’t like. (Notwithstanding this dumb movie’s allegations.

  5. DL Emerick

    Just speaking of Zombies — I watched the movie TRANFORMERS late last night. It was I expected and nothing more. I thought the cartoon series some years ago had better told stories than the movie gave me.