DVR list

This is a list of shows for which my DVR is scheduled to tape any new episodes, whenever they may appear.

Dr. Who
Pushing Up Daisies
Sarah Silverman Show
Daily Show
30 Rock

So — any suggestions for addition? For someone who didn’t watch television a year ago this is disturbing enough as it is.

Classic Reruns:

I’m also taping every episode of the Twilight Zone and TNG…but I am deleting most unwatched. I only want a few classic episodes I recall from my youth, but this way I don’t have to know beforehand when they are going to be shown. I’ve done this already with Monty Python and have both the Spam episode and Spanish Inquisition episode, which is sufficient.

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  1. Kathy

    Well you have some things on my list that I wouldn’t watch.

    I like Chuck that airs before Heroes. Lots of fun things I recognize. It’s a light hearted spy story where the leads real life is at the Buy More where he is a member of the Nerd Herd.

    Of course, you’ll probably want Battlestar Galactica when it restarts and Smallville restarts Jan 15 and this is supposed to be its last season so seeing how they tie up the stories should be fun.

    I like My Name is Earl also and would rather watch it than 30 Rock.

  2. Databob

    The series “the Big Band Theory” is really pretty funny. You ought to download season 1 and see if you like it b/4 recording the current ones…

    Fringe is a great show.

    If you have BBC America, there’s Torchwood. Oh, and I think that Primeval is on there, too.

    On HBO there’s Californication, and on Showtime it’s True Blood and Dexter…

    See why I don’t have cable? I’d have to have the largest package to get the shows legit. I can just download them later for free…

  3. Greg

    Well, I will echo the call for Chuck and Fringe. Fringe is really pretty good. Chuck is GREAT.

    Also, it’s clear you have BBC America since you’re watching Skins, so I’ll recommend Top Gear. I am not a car fan, but I love this show, it’s really funny. Grab one and see what you think.

    Also, we like Numb3rs, Bones, Sarah Conner Chronicles and Mythbusters.

    There’s several others we like, but given your list, I get the impression you’re not into police procedurals.

  4. DL Emerick

    Krapp’s Last Tape — Becket. Wikipedia says “When the plays that follow All That Fall begin, the ‘action’ in traditional terms has already taken place. From Krapp’s Last Tape onwards all that is left in most of the plays is recapitulation, a struggle with voices in the head, and a masochism that both demands and dreads the assault of memory.”[11]

    11. Rosemary Pountney, Theatre of Shadows: Samuel Beckett’s Drama: 1956-1976 (Gerrards Cross: Colin Smythe, 1988) 194.

  5. Blair

    If you’re watching Doctor Who, you may wish to consider Torchwood. I think Doctor Who is on SciFi and Torchwood is BBC America. (Not sure, I watch them both on Netflix.)

    It’s a spinoff from Doctor Who (and also an anagram) and there’s a set of crossover episodes between Torchwood’s end of season 1, start of season 2 and the last few episodes of Doctor Who season 3.

    That being said, I will caution that Torchwood is quite a bit more “edgy” (I think that’s the right word) than Doctor Who. The main premise of Torchwood seems to be that all the aliens are coming to Earth to either kill us, or have sex with us, but we’re too preoccupied with killing or having sex with one another to notice them.

    Whatever you may feel about the show’s content, you will find that it it has a very catchy theme.


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