Global Warming

Tom Tomorrow, cartoonist behind This Modern World certainly gets some interesting email at times…the below appears on his journal:

Last week’s cartoon on the topic of global warming inspired the usual spate of email from self-proclaimed experts on the topic…

One of the panels in that cartoon referenced rising sea levels, inspiring one woman to inform me that “Antarctica melting will result in only a 10ft difference in the height of the sea level, and no one should be living that close anyway.”

I know it isn’t news that there are stupid people in the world….but I am really amazed at someone who can imagine the sea-level rising in Antarctica 10 ft, but remaining the same everywhere else….Perhaps she hasn’t noticed that the water from the faucet in her bathtub fills the bathtub evenly…the water isn’t higher nearer to the faucet.

Perhaps she thinks that the water will only come in 10 feet from the shoreline across the world…but height isn’t width. If the water is filled to the brim of her bathtub…it can’t rise another 10 feet without filling the entire bathroom with water to the same height.

Yeah….I’m in the Midwest…pretty far from the Atlantic or the Pacific Oceans….But it also occurs to me that I live in a city on the edge of a river that flows into the Gulf of Mexico. We’ve had flood problems in the past. Mostly from rain…but if the Gulf of Mexico rises 10 feet, it’s probably going to affect us too.

Reminds me of the old Anatomy song:

The Antarctic Ocean’s connected to the Pacific Ocean
The Pacific Ocean’s connected to the Atlantic Ocean
The Atlantic Ocean’s connected to the Indian Ocean…