Superbowl Prediction

Two years ago I came up with a mathematical formula of sorts to predict the Superbowl and World Series. It’s actually been somewhat successful.

So…some of you are probably wondering — who will I be placing my bets on today, and why?

My bet is on the Steelers.

My formula is dependent upon the numbers on the jerseys of the active roster of each team. How many multiples of 18 are there, and of equal value is the #42. (This is the best post on my blog for explanation of my system.)

Arizona Cardinals
54: Gerald Hayes
72: Brandon Keith

Pittsburgh Steelers
54: Andre Frazier
72: Darnell Stapleton
90: Travis Kirschke

Neither team this year has an 18, 36 or a 42 on their active roster (or among their inactive roster, for that matter.) I was disappointed in this, but it is clear that the Steelers have the edge.

Note: I have no(*) knowledge of either team. So I don’t know how important each player mentioned above will be in the actual offense and defense. However, when I was in third grade, the Optimist baseball team I was a member of was undefeated. I struck out every at bat. The team referred to me as their good luck charm. I look at the players above in the same way. Whether or not they are actively involved in the offense or defense, it is the charm of the numbers on the jersey that is working the magic.

(*) OK. I lie. I am familiar with the Arizona Cardinals quarterback, as I live in St. Louis, and recall when he was quarterback for the Rams. I read the newspaper even if I don’t watch many games. Here’s a poem I wrote seven years ago which partially explains why I am happy I don’t have to root for the Cardinals this year. Some might question whether my method of prediction is equivalent to what I complain about in the poem. It’s a fair question.

0 thoughts on “Superbowl Prediction

  1. DL Emerick

    I predict the Steelers will beat the Cardinals, by 4 points,
    after the Cardinals try for an amazing 4th quarter comeback.

    The Steelers will rally in the final 2minutes for a touchdown!!!

    The score itself will be 27-23, Steelers on top.

    Watch this space to see just how good a prognosticator I am!!!

  2. DL Emerick

    Oh, and speaking of prognosticators,
    forecasters, retrodictions, and future renditions
    Happy Groundhog’s Day!