Modern Comprachico

(a recent poem)

Modern Comprachico

Thursday afternoon
while I worked unaware
outside in the office parking lot
a motorist, I use the term loosely
carved a comprachico grin
on my beloved five year old’s face.

I’m a Victor Hugo afficionado
but I didn’t appreciate
this homage to Gwynplaine
a character best known
as the inspiration
for DC Comics’ Joker

I assure you,
I am certainly not
a man who is laughing
as the so-called motorist
was also uninsured.

Conrad Veidt was memorable
in the 1928 film
but I would like to forget
my car’s disfigurement.

0 thoughts on “Modern Comprachico

  1. DL Emerick

    Streaked as if by white lightning,
    the shining royal purple coat looked odd
    when I peered from my dusty window
    at my rusty old car, Ms. Reliable,
    parked mere inches from my nose.

    I ran out to examine the crazed glaze.

    My eyes noticed new scratches,
    the bumper kicked in,
    the grill claw-hammered and rip-torn,
    the Toyota logo ripped off and gone.

    A new paint job and body repairs —
    I’d be out a few hundreds of dollars —
    more money than I had to spend —
    but spend I must if I wanted things fixed-up
    because the insurance guys said
    “We don’t pay for acts of vandalism,
    unless you paid extra for a floater.”

    Luckily, as I was in a small accident,
    a few days later,
    so none of this came to matter at all.