National Poem Writing Month

Yes, I will be a particpant. I wasn’t going to announce this until April 1, but decided to announce it early, so I can’t back out. So instead of seeing 30 poems by long dead poets, as in years past, you will see 30 of my poems. Some of you may find you preferred the former.

0 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo

  1. DL Emerick

    It’s a tall order,
    impossible to obey,
    to bend your ear to the muse,
    your hand to the keyset,
    your mind to the language —
    and, not just once, but 30 times.

    I write on inspiration, often,
    but not so often inspired as that,
    as all that, to be poetic so much.

  2. John

    There was this guy I heard about, name of Gillespie, who did it for 9 months of 1996 (His goal was the whole year, but he missed three months due to life pressures) And then in 1999 he tried again, with a website, and soliciting participation from others. The story is at

    Yeah, you already knew about this. The link’s for others reading these comments.

  3. DL Emerick

    John, one of these days, when I am down in Saint Louis, as irregularly I am, you and I are going to have to slam a few eggs or beers or poems… or everything… together.

    Heck, a year ago, I offered you one of my daughters… would it help if offered both?

  4. John

    If you or your daughters are ever in St. Louis, I would enjoy meeting you and slamming eggs, beers, and poems. And if either or both of your daughters happen to offer themselves, I will make my decision at that moment.