The AFP refers to itself as “the world’s oldest established news agency”, “a top quality international service” “represents editorial quality and reliability, a reputation built since the agency was founded in 1835.”

Here’s the opening paragraph of an AFP news story from this morning:

WASHINGTON (AFP) – The US Senate approved a controversial bill that would recognize a fetus as a victim separate from its mother during a violent crime, drawing fire from opponents who believe it could erode pro-abortion legislation.

What responsible news agency uses the phrase “pro-abortion legislation”? (For the record, I’d be as upset with them if in a parallel story they used the phrase ‘anti-choice’ or ‘anti-woman’)

I have no idea who the AFP is. But Yahoo News apparently thinks they’re qualified to report the news. If you do a google news search on the phrase, most of the stories you come up with are from GOPNews, LifeSite, LifeNews, Agape Press, the National Review, etc. It only appears in respectable news stories in quotes from a partisan.