Name Your Poem

Here’s an interesting link that was forewarded to me: Name Your Tale

Three writers are offering to write 100-word micro fiction tales based on titles submitted by others. (Note: I’m almost positive the authors retain all rights to what they write and can market the stories they write without any permission from or royalties to the submitters of the titles. It’s almost cliche that you can’t copyright titles.)

So…I’m going to do the same thing. At least on a very limited scale. Because I could use some inspiration to finish the NaPoWriMo challenge.

I will write five poems.
With five titles
The titles will be submitted to me in the comments to this post.
Anyone can submit a title.
One title limit to individual.
(I’d like to make five readers happy)

And I will state what isn’t stated on “Name Your Tale”: When you submit a title you aren’t claiming any rights to the resulting poem.

0 thoughts on “Name Your Poem

  1. John

    Thanks. I don’t guarantee all poems will be written in approximately a half hour after the submission of the title. But this one was.

  2. DL Emerick

    Before or After you come,
    Presumption writes titles.

    Giving names its gift,
    like any other name,
    meaning nothing much,
    no matter how given,
    but that given it has been,
    a promise of a coming thing,
    as how its been gone by.