NaPoWriMo: Poem #14

Tekka Ju and Rancher’s Wife
(Title contributed by Christy)

She with the red hair
and eyes
the color of a whirlpool
placed the paperback in front of me
and said
“read it, or you’ll never see me again.”

Having an eclectic bibliophile history,
normally I wouldn’t hesitate,
especially for a woman
of her caliber (325
winchester short magnum).
However, a harlequin
is still a harlequin.

I set my laptop on a mix
of Sinatra and Ellington,
and placed some tekka ju
from the corner takeout
on a paper plate.

Mood set, I began to read.

0 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo: Poem #14

  1. DL Emerick

    The Face that launched me,
    ten thousand lines before,
    will anchor nary more,
    when she I, breathless, see.

    I wrote her missives fine,
    she answered not at all;
    still, she held me in thrall,
    hers was all that was mine.

    One day, my letters spurned,
    I spoke to birds of love,
    I sang her far above:
    Her reply: “Those I burned”.

    Her looks may kill me quick,
    pierce my eyes, bleed my soul;
    focus on me as I’m whole.
    Thus, mark my words, I’m slick.

    I’d slide my words in you,
    sharper swords there are none.
    Rebel love, be undone;
    hate feasts on faith you slew.