NaPoWriMo Poem #18

Yep. I’m falling a little behind with this. I hope to catch up this weekend.

earth day 2009

the headline asks:
how can you reduce
your impact on the planet?

i wonder:
don’t i want
to increase my impact?

if i’m not going to make a difference
why should i plant a tree
drive an electric car
or recycle my aluminum?

0 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Poem #18

  1. DL Emerick

    God’s Acrostic
    Jaqueline Osherow

    What if the universe is God’s acrostic?
    He’s sneaking bits of proverbs into seismic variations;
    Abbreviating psalms in flecks of snow.
    Try to read them, says a comet,

    If you dare.
    Fine print. What you’ve been waiting for.

    Twisted in the DNA of marmosets:
    Hermetic feedback to your tight-lipped prayer.
    Examine indentations left by hailstones in the grass;

    Unearth their parallel soliloquies;
    Note, too, the shifting patterns in the shibboleths
    Initiating each communication.
    Verify them. Don’t take my word.
    Eavesdrop on the planets in the outer spheres; they may
    Reverse the letters’ previous direction.
    Silence, as you might imagine, has no bearing here.
    Episodes of stillness—however brief—must be

    Interpreted as unheard

    Gaps that, with any luck, you’ll fill in later—
    Or so you tell yourself, acknowledging
    Delusion’s primal status in this enterprise.
    Still, that’s no reason to slow down.

    Abandonments are howling out around you:
    Cast-off lamentations from the thwarted drops of rain
    Reduced to vapor on their struggle down;
    Observe, at the very least, their passing.
    Sanctify them. Don’t succumb
    To anything less potent than a spelled-out
    Invitation to rule a not yet formulated nebula.
    Calm yourself. You’ll hear it come.

  2. John

    Algebra applies to the clouds; the radiance of the star benefits the rose; no thinker would dare to say that the perfume of the hawthorn is useless to the constellations. Who could ever calculate the path of a molecule? How do we know that the creations of worlds are not determined by falling grains of sand?

    Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

  3. DL Emerick

    I finally found a copy of Les Miserables in the bookstore, and half way through reading it. The story is much richer than the movies.