20 out of 30.

Considering Thursday is the last day of the month…and the items on my list to do before I leave town Friday morning for the weekend…it appears I will only be successful in completing 20 poems in 30 days. Not an unimpressive number, but not 30. Ahh, well, I did better with this challenge than I have done with National Novel Writing Month.

I also know commenting is still broken. If you have a comment, feel free to email me. Hopefully I will resolve the technical issues soon.

0 thoughts on “20 out of 30.

  1. John

    No…just quoting a former President of ours who I like to quote on occasions such as this.

  2. DL Emerick

    It wasn’t funny, back then, either,
    when Reagan spoke — but then, he was an idiot.

    I could almost forgive him, being charmed into it —
    when, in fact, he was a horrible president, in every way.

    I finished Les Miserables, by the way. I am deeply moved.