June 12: Reasons to Celebrate

Haven’t done this in awhile. It’s Friday. Some people only need that as a reason to head to the bar after work and order a round or two or three. Others need more than that. I’m here to enable your drinking habit. (Aren’t I nice?)

1) DTV day! Today, June 12, 2009 marks the end of Analog Television. TANSTAFT.
2) June 12, 1939 the Baseball Hall of Fame opened in Cooperstown (70 years old today!)
3) June 12, 1924 George HW Bush was born
4) June 12, 1967 Supreme Court struck down all miscegenation laws. Loving Day

Non-celebratory events on June 12
1) June 12, 1942 Anne Frank received a diary for her 13th birthday
2) June 12, 1964 Civil Rights Leader Medgar Evers is shot
3) June 12, 1994 Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman are murdered