Worst fears realized

A friend, we’ll call him “S” mentioned he was having an online conversation with someone in Australia, we’ll call them “P”

“S” mentioned he knew someone who had written a parody of the crassness found in a lot of slam poetry called Sick Puppy
“P” said “I’ve read it.”
“S” quoted a line just to verify “P” had the right poem.
“P” did.

So there is an Australian out there who knows me only by my poem, Sick Puppy.

0 thoughts on “Worst fears realized

  1. DL Emerick

    If I can not be famous, as in doing what others admire, at least let me be well known, as for doing what people most despise.

    I suppose that is what notoriety-seeking entails.


    I have no doubt, I live for neither — perhaps to my shame.

    I live only wishing others well —
    and wishing that they were like minded.

    I lack the vicious venom for success,
    as well as the talents that, ostensibly, are sometimes, rarely, required.