New Years Resolution

Not including my NaPoWriMo posts in April, 60 entries over 12 months. Five posts per month on average. A little more than one a week.

Many would be happy with that, but it’s probably been the lightest year here in awhile. And a lot of the posts haven’t been more than displaying funny webcomics or interesting videos I’ve found elsewhere.

Of course, I’m blogging heavily over on my genealogy blog. But there is another side of my life, I’ve just not been blogging about it much, as my blogging has been elsewhere. But I continue to write poetry and fiction. I continue to read, watch, and imbibe science fiction. (Yes, you can imbibe science fiction. Ever heard of Romulan Ale?)

New Year’s Resolution: One Post A Week here on my Literary Pursuits. I realize that doesn’t necessarily increase the quantity of posts, but it should increase the quality.

Yes, I know I have to make such a post later today or I have already failed. I will not count this post for this week.