ReadWritePoem #114

For ReadWritePrompt #114 we were provided with a list of words from which to create a poem.

To write to this prompt, pick as many (or few) of these words as you want and write a poem using them.

Wordle: Read_Write_Poem_114

I like word challenge poems, and there were several evocative words to choose from. I composed two poems:

Sacred Sounds

Children slurping
the milk remaining
in a bowl of frosted flakes

The patter of rain
against frictionless backs
in a frog-filled pond.

The frequent belching
and nightly hacksaw snores
a devoted wife ignores

The lyrical mutterings
of the legendary
red crowned crane

Nails pounded
through human hands
into decaying wood.

Valentine’s Day 2010

The hacksaw
with its layer of dried red frosting
I tossed into the lake.

The body parts
I hid inside long term storage
at the airport.

In silent mutterings
I practiced the patter
I’d give to the police.

She deserved it.

She had used her nails,
painted blood-red,
to scratch my crown.

She didn’t appreciate
my lubricious friction.
Big words for a whore.

Her last.

*Note: I realize I misread the word ‘fiction’ in their prompt as ‘friction.’

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