RWP #119

My response to Read Write Poem’s Prompt #119: Let’s Get it On

This act of pairing up, bedding down and making a third human is as bizarre and chance-driven as anything else that happens during our lives. Still, not too many people sit around and ponder the haphazard nature of getting it on.

Considering the way my mind works, it’s downright amazing the poem that resulted is as clean as it is.

The Answer

I first read Adams
The same time I was learning
How to conjugate
Latin verbs.

It was later I learned
Moses and his followers
Conjugated 42 times
In the wilderness.

From point A to point B
Point B to point C
42 times they traveled
Conjoining, conjugating, coupling
End points.

The Hebrew word
Must not translate well.
My mind wanders elsewhere
Across mountains and valleys
Sandy beaches
And other double entendres.

I think this can’t possibly
Be what G-d intended,
And then I reread
The Song of Solomon
And realize
His mind and mine
Are conjoined.

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