Day #25 poems #22 and #23

ReadWritePoem’s daily prompt: Keep an ear out for the first sentence (or even word) that is said to you after you read this prompt. Build a poem around it.

The first poem I wrote was a double haiku.


My cat refuses to talk
and I’ve been inside all day
without phone calls.

I need a few items
but chatting up the sales clerk
feels desperate.


I finally went to the store – to pick up the items referenced. And the first sentence I heard is the title and refrain of the following sick, twisted and disturbing poem.

you don’t want it anymore

the quarter you handed
to the magician
who made it appear
inside the mouth
of the girl who never
brushes her teeth

you don’t want it anymore

the birthday cake
you were looking forward to
but then your brother
extinguished the candles
with spit

you don’t want it anymore

the gerbil your uncle
watched for you
while you were on vacation
how can I say this
so you will understand

you don’t want it anymore

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