Day #27 Poems #26 and #27

I wrote both of these yesterday, as a result of yesterday’s prompt at ReadWritePoem – to write an acrostic based on a word that is ‘part of you.’

Beshalach is a transliteration of a Hebrew word. It is the name of the Torah portion I had to read and deliver a sermon on for my Bar Mitzvah – in 1982.


Bondage at our backs, the Sea of Reeds
Enveloped the Egyptians, as we
Sought safety, and opportunity. G-d
Hearing our cries of hunger, made
Available quail and manna, provided we
Left none behind; Some didn’t listen.
Amalek attacked us from behind, where our
Children and women were vulnerable.
Hashem was merciless in response.

Exodus 17:14

G-d instructs Moses
to record the events.
“Memorialize Amalek
as I will blot out
the memory of Amalek.”

Even today, we seem
To make the most noise
Over what we’d like forgotten.


Caught Up!

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