I’m realizing something

I don’t agree with Miss Manners on not talking about politics and religion. Never have, and I don’t expect for it to ever change.

However, the 140 characters of Twitter, and the slightly larger but still restrictive length of FaceBook status updates, are basically good for quips, jokes, and sarcasm. I can be good at that at times. When my audience knows exactly what I am talking about. But when the audience is broader, quips jokes and sarcasm quickly lead into the area Miss Manners was trying to get people to avoid.

People have speculated that FaceBook and Twitter are killing blogging. And all the bloggers who mostly shared video clips with short commentary, cute things their kids said, or their latest photograph, are migrating to FB and Twitter.

But some topics of conversation demand a longer form. And will continue to demand a longer form. And I think I will write the longer form here, and provide links to it on Twitter and FB.

Something might as well get posted here. I know this blog gets lonely from lack of attention at times.