What does it mean?

I’m not sure what it means.

‘J’ says, “I love you,” and my knee jerk response is, “ditto.”
If she asks a request from me – “as you wish.”

Luckily, we share common cultural knowledge, and she is familiar with the sources for my material. Otherwise, she might misinterpret those lines, just as the characters portrayed by Demi Moore and Robin Wright did in their respective movies, at first. However, we are both writers of poetry and fiction, with a desire for publication — you’d think I could come up with some original responses.

I think she might say there’s nothing wrong with sprinkling some lines form the classics on top of the original material. I agree.

However, I have a few friends who have what I will call a “movie quote fetish.” I’ve never seen myself as a victim of this disorder. I’ve also seen myself recently falling prey to a related disorder my father has been known to exhibit, which I will call the “song fetish.” Something I see or hear will inspire me to sing a lyric from a song. And, I’m not sure, but it seems I do this more often when she is around.

Hopefully, I don’t mondegreen the lyrics, unless that is my intent. (I am a fan of song parodies, so sometimes it is my intent.).