For St. Louis Baseball fans (for Coloradoans and Bostonians, too)

Yes…it is all but certain…within the next few days we will be eliminated mathematically from the playoffs.

Those disconsolate fans upset with the way the Cardinals collapsed, and who once again are swearing they will never root for the Cardinals again — read my post from last year.

St. Louis, Boston and Colorado are each adding another year to their streaks of avoiding the annual Baseball Vacuum Cleaner.
If I had to guess, it looks like Pittsburgh and Seattle are this year’s Hoover Award winners. Nothing unusual about that in either city. However, the season isn’t over.

I know. Bragging about not finishing last place isn’t exactly what every fan dreams about. However, we haven’t finished last since 1918. Boston hasn’t finished last place since 1933. And Colorado hasn’t done it yet (give them time.) Every other team has done it at least once since 1973.

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