9th Circuit

During the past week I have been busy working on a novel I am attempting to write, along with learning some new computer languages…so it took me awhile to write these poems in response to the events of June 26th…

God Bless

On the same day
the ninth circuit once again
showed they’re the most progressive circuit
in the country
the usually rock-slow senate
reacted 99-0.

(The Oldest Living Senator
from the state of North Carolina
was unable to keep up with this pace
but would have loved the chance
to wave his flag.)

On the same day
on the other side of Capitol Hill
as 416 praised God from the rooftops
11 congressmen either couldn’t decide
or were unable to make it to their seats to vote.

But there were three with courage.
Three willing to say “No” to God,
and “Yes” to Jefferson.
Honda, Scott and Stark
will go down in the history books
as the only three out of 530
who respected the wall
between State and Church.

God Bless
Mike, Bobby and Pete.


It took one day for 530
congressmen and senators
to introduce, discuss, and vote
on a bill contradicting
a decision of the ninth circuit court
that was likely to be overturned anyway.

everything else they were discussing
was put on hold.

Perhaps we can convince them
to work at this same speed
on bills concerning education,
health care, corporate injustice,
airport safety, the environment,
and other things clearly
not as important as
declaring this country is led by God,
to hell with the First Ammendment.

House Vote
Senate Vote