New story

I have finished a first draft of a new flash fiction – to be submitted for the next edition of The First Line.  I like this market – it pays well.

You can read the first line of this story at the magazine’s website. And work on your own submission as well. It is bound to be very different from mine, unless your mind works in ways similar to mine.

It’s not the ‘type’ of story I usually write, but I like how it turned out. The draft has survived its ‘first reading.’ I will see how well it survives the writer’s group on Monday.

I’m not doing well on the Goals I set for myself in January.  I did submit JB and the MBS to a publisher – though it was the end of April when I did so. I’m hopeful.

Fulfilling #5 looks iffy.  I may be able to accomplish #4. I’m way behind on #1.

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