Body Sushi

Restaurant Fined over plans to serve food on half-naked women.

The restaurant management told China’s official Xinhua news agency they simply wanted to introduce a special Japanese food culture to Chinese people

The practise of eating sushi off naked or nearly-naked women has long been popular with a certain clientele in Japan. But the authorities in China said the restaurant’s actions violated women’s rights, as well as laws on advertising and food sanitation.

The BBC adds the local perspective to the story:

Some “were indignant, claiming it is humiliating to women,” the official China Daily newspaper reported at the time.

“But others were curious and tempted to have a try,” it added.

Talk about serendipity, creative bloggers at recently wrote a round-robin fic that mentioned both sushi and a naked woman.

I wonder if a sushi restaurant in St. Louis would be willing to give this a try? (Or maybe someone could open up a sushi restaurant ‘across the river’) Any entrepreneurs out there?

St. Louis wouldn’t be the first American city to offer this delicacy or the second.

“It takes a lot of concentration and muscle control”

And back in 1960 a picture of this delicacy appeared on the cover of Vogue.

0 thoughts on “Body Sushi

  1. cybrpunk

    All that and no remark on the obvious? What the hell do “the authorities in China” know about human rights much less women’s rights? So it’s ok to kill female babies but not ok to eat off of a grown woman?

  2. John

    As political as I am, I sometimes find it difficult to think about both politics and sushi at the same time. It’s just a blind spot I have.

    I suspect the Chinese Authorities would argue they’re not killing the female babies. That parents choose to do so when their one-child allotment doesn’t turn out to be the preferred sex isn’t the government’s fault. (Not that I agree with this…I just suspect that would be their argument.)

    I also suspect “women’s rights” was a secondary or tertiary reason for banning it. The “Women were not suitably dressed for restaurant employees” and “food sanitation” sound to me like the real reasons they probably banned it. They threw in the “Women’s rights” to look good to Westerners. If they truly believed in Women’s rights, they’d allow the women to make their own career decisions.

    Which leads me back to the sushi. How I love sushi. Especially salmon or tuna rolls. And a little soy sauce and wasabi. Yum. And when I run out of plates to serve it on, it would be nice…