The concept of not having sex outside of marriage seems a little, how shall I say it, “old fashioned.” I am going to go out on a limb here, and say that the majority of grooms in the US are not virgins. (Nor are the brides)

However, there are some states in the US that still have “fornication laws” on the books which actually make it a criminal act to have sex outside of marriage.

While there are many unenforced laws on the books, and it would be fine if this were just one of them….it is being enforced in Georgia. A 16 year old boy was fined for having sex with his 16 year old girlfriend. Do they really believe this is going to stop 16 year old boys and girls from responding to their completely natural desires and curiousity? (And really it’s fining the parents…they may in turn take it out of the kid’s allowance, but they’re still the ones that are directly paying the fines.) In addition to the quixotic futility, even though it takes two, the article doesn’t indicate that the girl’s parents were equally fined.

In positive news on the sex front, it’s taken way too long, but every man’s nightmare is finally over! Leave it to the French…but the perfect bra has finally been invented. It snaps easily on and off.

On the Political News Front. For the Independence Day holiday a few groups in Washington DC are asking Britain for British citizenship (They are upset that they don’t have full voting rights in the US…have no representation in Congress…and are still taxed.)

And finally, in a bit of irony, The White House admits that Bush is guilty in the past of doing some of the very same business practices he is now promising to stop.