All Star Game – 2002

A tied-game after 11 innings…this doesn’t upset me.

The All-Star game is an exhibition game. Pre-season exhibition games end in ties often. The purpose of the All-Star game is for the fans to see the best players from each league play each other. The winner is irrelevant. In some years, not all players get to play, and that *is* a travesty for fans of the players who sit on the all-star bench. This year everyone played.

The MVP award not being handed out…this is disappointing. Only because it was named this year in honor of the late Hall-of-Famer Ted Williams…and after being named for him, it doesn’t get awarded. I understand the MVP usually goes to the most valuable player from the winning team, but instead of handing out no MVP…they should have handed out two – one to a player from each league.

I am mad at Fox Broadcasting Corp.

What did Fox do? During the pre-game there was a tribute to Hall-of-Fame St. Louis Cardinals announcer Jack Buck, and 33 year-old Cardinals pitcher Darryl Kile. Both passed away recently. During the tributes, Fox decided it was a good time to air COMMERCIALS. Great business decision folx.