O’Reilly joins Gibson in Redefining Nazi Atrocities

According to Bill O’Reilly the Nazis were rude, and shouted at people.

Some students at the University of Connecticut were rude, and heckled Ann Coulter. O’Reilly’s response:

if you go on the Internet and you look at the right-wing websites and compare them to the left-wing websites, that the far left in this country, the zealots — I mean, these are zealots — are Nazis, and this is exactly what the Nazis did. They disrupted rallies. They came in and shouted people down. They intimidated. They smeared.

So that’s O’Reilly’s definition of Nazi atrocities. Some might argue that the Nazis were rude and obnoxious, in addition to gassing millions of Jews, Gypsies, and other non-Aryans. Of course, I’m sure the British felt Colonials were rather rude for dumping all that tea in Boston harbor. Rudeness and obnoxious behavior doesn’t earn the description of “Nazi”. And to label it as such, diminishes the term for when it is really appropriate. And one really does need to ask why Bill OReilly associates rudeness with Naziism.

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