Yoko, the Isleys, and today’s music

Haven’t posted a poem here for awhile…I wrote this a couple weeks ago, so the events referred to in the first stanza are no longer accurate (hopefully!) The Yoko Ono song was a remix, so people may discount it. But the Isley’s have actually released a new album apparently.

There must be something wrong.
Very wrong.
In the same week
The Isley Brothers
And Yoko Ono
Are number one on the charts.
Number one.

I’m suffering
To My pez popping,
Bubble-gum cigarette chewing,
and magic-marker high childhood.

I was only six
The last time
The Isleys had a number one.
Gerald Ford was President.
He too was appointed,
not elected.

I was twelve when
the Bitch who Broke up the Beatles
first Walked on Thin Ice.
Twenty two years later,
The ice is breaking.

We’re drowning
in the swamp
that is today’s music.

Everyone knows
Britney and Justin
suck rodent-cock.
(It was in the tabloids)1

So weĆ­re forced to buy the music
of seventy year old has-beens.

1) No, actually, it wasn’t….not literally. It’s sort of a reference to their early singing careers under the employ of Walt and Company.

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