As New Paltz goes, so goes the nation…

The mayor of New Paltz is following the lead of the mayor of San Francisco. Gay marriages have begun on the court house steps of this small, New York town. The governor of the State of New York is examining his options.

So…what mayor of what small town will next decide he wants a little bit of limelight? This could be fun to watch, as town by town decides to join in.

Quick! Call the mayor of Belleville!

[Note: While the above is a joke, in reference to my prior post on Belleville and trends, this would be a huge coup…and would guarantee some interesting press. In that while Belleville is pretty much a fairly insignificant town on the national scene, there is a fairly important individual who happens to live there. Bishop Gregory, President of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. I have no idea what the Mayor’s thoughts are on the issue, but I highly suspect while the he is a Democrat (had to looks this up actually), he has no intent of starting what would likely start if he made such an announcement.]

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