I’ve joined a book club

I’ve decided I spend way too much of my free time writing and not enough reading. Every good writer must also read — its illogical to consider an artist who doesn’t appreciate other artists.

So I’ve joined Kritter’s book club

The first book to read will be Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. Personally, if I were to choose an RLS novel to read it would have been Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Or his collection of essays, Familiar Studies of Men and Books (but only because of the essay on Victor Hugo). So it only seems appropriate the first book I read in this book club is by him, and I wasn’t even around when they picked it. I read Treasure Island, I believe, when I was a kid. (Or perhaps an abridged version.) And I’ve been to Treasure Island (or the island in the Caribbean RLS allegedly based the novel on.) So I’m looking forward to this.

Maybe, once I’m done with the novel I’m working on, and succeed in getting it published, I’ll convince them to discuss it…the only problem with that is how I will react when everyone in the group says its the worst novel they’ve ever read.

0 thoughts on “I’ve joined a book club

  1. Kristen

    LOL. We might need to stay away from each other’s novels. As for the selection of Treasure Island- it was VERY random. We were mostly discussing Life of Pi, Catch 22 and Exodus, in addition to a couple other books we said we might come back to. We go around and around in circles and then suddenly find a classic that no one has read. And many of us like pirates… (shout out to my man JD (from Scrubs)) so there ya go.