I’d much rather share a bath with Nicole than a bed with Michael

Michael Jackson is on trial for allegedly sleeping with boys.
and Nicole Kidman shares an erotic bath with a 10 year old boy (Cameron Bright) on film..

Many viewers walked out at the Venice Film Festival after the scene.

Kidman defends film.
June article on movie with greater detail
(The bath scene is apparently part of a dream sequence, which may defend the plot detail, but not necessarily the filming of it. I certainly agree with the last sentence of the article: “Either way, young Cameron will certainly have some stories to tell to his grandkids ñ and to his buddies at school!”)

I don’t have an issue with “Lolita” type plots, whether Lolita is male or female. But all reports suggest Kidman and Bright were really nude during the filiming of the scene…which as Liberal and Tolerant as I am, I still find disturbing.