Mega-score for St. Louis

Zagat, one of the biggest names in travel guides, has decided to compose a list of Family Attractions in the US.

The #1 Family Attraction with the most “Child Appeal” is not in Los Angeles California, or Orlando, Florida. It’s in Kirkwood, Missouri. Yes, The Magic House.

The St. Louis Zoo ranked #1 for animal parks across the country, and #4 overall, and Grants Farm ranked #7 overall. (Disney’s park in Orlando did get #1 overall, but Disneyland in Los Angeles came in at #5, right behind the St. Louis Zoo)

Zagat Survey, which worked with Parenting magazine on this project, employed the same research techniques for “U.S. Family Travel Guide” it uses for its popular restaurant guides. About 11,000 travelers, mostly parents, judged 1,000 family attractions on their child appeal, adult appeal, public facilities and service. Each of these four elements was ranked on a scale from 0 (poor) to 30 (perfection). Editors then strung together blurbs from various reviews for Zagat’s trademark descriptions. For instance, the guide’s entry on Grant’s Farm reads, “For a ‘relaxing, pastoral’ ‘getaway,’ try this ‘super family value.’ ”

Top-rated by child appeal

1. Magic House

2. Disneyland, Anaheim, Calif.

3. Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Orlando, Fla.

4. Paramount’s Kings Island, Cincinnati

5. Toys “R” Us, New York

6. Sesame Place, Langhorne, Pa.

7. Children’s Museum, Boston

8. Hersheypark, Hershey, Pa.

9. Please Touch Museum, Philadelphia

10. Bronx Zoo, New York

The Zagat Press Release Witht he top 10 “Most Popular”, “Child Appeal”, “Adult Appeal”. and “Overall”.

I bet the families surveyed also liked the fact that admission to The Zoo, and Grants Farm is free. And The Magic House only costs $6.50.