More on Hollywood Kabballah

Apparently Madonna, Britney, and Winona Ryder aren’t just delving into Kaballah, but are also keeping kosher.

(or at least eating only kosher food — which isn’t exactly the same thing.)

It of course raises the question — how many commandments does it take to follow before one becomes “Common Law” Jewish”? (None. You are either born of Jewish parents, or convert. The Hollywoodites call themselves Kabballists if anything — I haven’t heard any of them refer to themselves as Jewish. But the line is blurring.)

Maybe Britney keeping kosher might encourage some Reform Jews to try it. (But it’s not having that effect on me…so, maybe not.)

[of course — Britney’s concept that eating kosher will help her lose weight is kind of funny. Hopefully she will not be ordering too much chopped liver, corned beef, and blintzes from her local deli, or she may have difficulty in dropping those pounds.)

0 thoughts on “More on Hollywood Kabballah

  1. Linda

    LOL…to lose weight. Too funny. We had kept kosher from the time of our marriage until just a few months ago (about 4 years). I have to say that not only am I NOT thinner, but Weight Watchers is getting way too much of my money!

    I don’t think the line is blurring, though. Just because Hollywood says it’s so, doesn’t make it so. If they claim to be Jewish without having converted, rabbis will be all over them in a heartbeat. I can’t think of his name right now, but there was a high profile rabbi that Michael Jackson was consulting with when he was “trying on” Judaism. Maybe they’re in touch with him.