Most Important Sense

Christy on her blog links to an article by a mystery writer who says she fears “losing her most important sense -sight”.

The writer feels this is the most important sense since, blind, she’d be unable to write or read.

I believe this will be fascinating news to the millions of blind people who are able to do both quite well, thank you. Perhaps Colleen McCullough feels she’s to old to learn braille, but there are Books on Tape, and as she admits — she can always dictate a novel.

This led me to ask myself — what do I feel is the most important sense? Which sense do I think I couldn’t live without?

Both sight and hearing would be difficult, but I think I could adapt. Eating is one of my greatest pleasures, and I would find it a lot less enjoyable without taste or smell. (Experts say smell is actually a lot more important than taste in this regard.) But I think losing my sense of touch would emotionally be the most painful of all.