I’m slightly offended

St. Louis Union Station, this coming weekend, is having a Festivus celebration. They’re not alone in celebrating Festivus.

Festivus is a fictional holiday, first introduced to the world on a Seinfeld episode. Apparently, according to the wikipedia article, the holiday was invented back in 1966. However, it remained the practice of one family until it was written into a Seinfeld episode,

If the Seinfeld episode had made exchanging gifts part of the holiday, I’d support it full strength. If the commercialization of the holiday season could be attached in people’s mind to the fictional holiday….those who wanted could observe it, and the religious holidays could become religiously oriented once again. But instead the holiday is focused on airing grievances, and domestic violence. I can understand the humor for an episode of tv, but it doesn’t, in my mind, inspire me to adopt the practice.

I wonder if people who show up at the celebration at the Union Station will be given an opportunity to pin the owner of the shopping center to the floor?