LIFE (as we know it) is over…(it’s about TIME)

Yep. Over. In less than a month.

The venerable publication has a storied history that also reflects the changing economics of print over the years — the big, glossy magazine came out weekly from 1936 to 1972, then was reincarnated as an occasional special issue, then as a monthly, and finally as a skinny newspaper supplement. In retrospect, that last move doesn’t look particularly smart. “We hitched our star to an industry that’s not growing,” said managing editor Robert Shapiro.

The unhitching will happen with the last print supplement on April 20, but the LIFE brand will live on the Web in the form of a free archive of the magazine’s renowned photos.

0 thoughts on “LIFE (as we know it) is over…(it’s about TIME)

  1. DL Emerick

    My midrash to the predecessor blog entry would be relevant, perhaps.

    Still, I can insert no pictures directly here, as a respondent, so far as I know — I can only give links?

    The time of my life is limited to the sphere of words, speaking about how things look to me.

    A picture (especially a moving one, where moving goes beyond the animation, to the inside story) would be fine.


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